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Origin Energy - I designed and implemented a national call centre sales training program for both inbound and outbound retention sales teams including a Train The Trainer program.  This was a huge roll-out over the Melbourne and Adelaide call centres that saw some fantastic improvements in sales results.  I worked closely with the Training Management and training team, Sales Managers, Sales Team Leaders and Coaches to design this sustainable program that met their business requirements and achieved sales targets.  It was the synergy not only of this fresh sales training program, but effective sales incentives and internal sales coaching that saw sales increase by 50% within 3 months of program implementation and 100% within 4.

  6.  Upselling - Restaurant




Crown - I have designed and delivered an up-selling course for many of Crown's fine dining and casual front of house staff.  The 2 hour facilitated group session that I call, "Making professional recommendations" is packed full of up-selling theory and restaurant specific tailored strategies that aim to increase average cheque value by 20%.  Every participant writes the sales strategies in their own words and practices the strategies in class so they are welll prepared for immediate application in their restaurant. 





Gemmological Association of Australia - I created a suite of e-learning modules for the GAA - several samples of these e-learning modules can be found in the Videos & Samples section of this website.  The GAA is a not for profit educational organisation and is passionate about educating the industry and consumers about gemstones. 



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