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I had the pleasure of working with Rosey for over 10 years. The first thing you notice about Rosey is how passionate she is about her work and her people. Her dedication to educating, training and coaching people is incredibly motivating. Rosey works in close consultation with managers and key stakeholders to implement appropriate sales training/coaching to help achieve targets. She has a thorough understanding of sales metrics which has always enabled her to deliver improved profitability. Rosey is the sort of person you want to have working with you. Her positivity and warm personality is infectious. I can honestly say I have never worked with a better trainer than Rosey.

Helen Sims | Feb 2013.

Rosey coached and managed her sales team with integrity - that is imperative in an underwritten insurance environment. Her training ensured staff had confidence, complete understanding of the product they were selling, and the ability to exceed sales targets on a regular basis – a quality still referred to today.

Mathew Griffin | Underwriter TAL Direct  August 2012.


Your attention to detail, presentation and completeness is faultless. You write, talk and inspire with confidence and emotion, you have been the best trainer I’ve ever met and your work speaks for itself. So many people tell me that training was better under Rosey.

Steve Hitchcock | General Manager Products & Compliance, InsuranceLine.  June 2011.

Rosey was able to take complex content and make it approachable and understandable for our target market. The content itself, using a variety of learning mediums, exceeded our expectations greatly and showed her considerable skills as an educator.  Her passion for the project and good humour really set her apart!

Katherine Kovacs | Federal Council GAA  March 2012.

RC Consulting delivered professionalism beyond our wildest dreams.

Chris Holdsworth | Federal Council GAA  March 2012.


We would have not been here today without Rosey’s contributions and we are going to thank Rosey for many more years to come

Mehul Shah | Head of Sales, InsuranceLine.  June 2011.

Rosey's energy and passion for sales excellence is infectious. She backs this up with solid hands on experience and a willingness to share and learn. Rosey has the ability to put fire in the belly of the sales team.

David Birmingham | TOWER Aust.  May 2012.


You leave a legacy behind and that is the greatest achievement possible

Mari Ruiz | General Manager People & Talent, InsuranceLine. June 2011